Christopher and John have over 50 combined years of beauty industry experience. They have each achieved global recognition, awards, and accolades for their body of work in education, print, television and film within the industry.

In education and mentoring, they have acheived lead creative positions with major hair manufacturers, salon organizations and individuals. As leaders in the hair and beauty industry, their combined collaborations of hair coloring, cutting and finishing work are internationally recognized. Together, they CoCre8 their framework of education to salon professionals, conveying the message of inspiration and skilled discipline through technique and love of the craft. They encourage the industry to reclaim and regener8 their passion and creative expression, and they always leave their audiences craving more.

CoCre8 Shows/Education Package Includes

  • 2 Top Industry Icons
  • Show Production
    • Run of Show
    • Wardrobe
    • Model Cues
    • Hair Manipulation
    • Graphic Visuals: Video, Cut/Color Diagrams

CoCre8 Iron Features and Benefits

  • Titanium and Tourmaline Fusion = Non Stick Barrel
  • Ceramic Inner Core = Even Heat Distribution from end to end of Barrel
  • Tri-Level Heat Distribution
  • Heat Resistent Safety Glove
  • Dual Voltage/Internationally Compatible
  • Non Slip Inter Lock System = 6 Interchangeable Irons

The heating system or “heat sync” of the CoCre8 Styling Tools uses a state of the art ceramic core surrounded by the titanium and tourmaline combination of precious metals, which deliver even heat throughout the device, allowing your style to be consistent throughout your entire styling process. Moreover, this even delivery of heat, used in conjunction with negative ions that are present, will cause proteins within the hair shaft to shift from its original form and cre8 a new bond between the protein chains. This will be re-establish evenly through the hair shaft and work to seal the hair’s cuticle into its newly designed state.

The “heat sync” is a form of passive heat with an ion sync that is used to control the temperature of the ceramic core resistor device by distributing the heat and ions evenly throughout the hair styling device.

The styling tools produce negative ions by using high grade materials that have the tendency to become negatively charged, taking the positively-charged hair into a new structured state of styling with shine and longevity.

Compared to other traditional curling irons or clipless irons, the CoCre8 Styling Tools give each strand of the hair more consistent heat. The heating of up to 350 degrees provides the perfect heat control for all hair types, with no heat damage or stress.


  1. a cocreated idea from two brilliant minds.
  2. a combination of two creative minds coming together as one to establish a mutually-agreed upon set of brilliant concepts.
  3. the combined brilliance of two equally talented tall, handsome and of course humble hair super heroes, passionately playing with one phrase that can change lives as it did theirs: “What if”???

Ohhhh and did we forget to mention they are a little crazy and occasionally funny too!!!

Welcome to CoCre8

CoCre8 is a brand of education like no other. A brand of non-manufacturer driven education. It’s intense, it’s informative, it’s raw and it’s real! Education which drives you to generate profit through inspiration. CoCre8 is the creative collaboration of Christopher Dove and John Simpsons’ minds and experience, taking you on an educational journey which will enhance your thought process and enlighten your approach to hair as a craft and art form. CoCre8 education happens from large stage productions, classroom education and hands-on interactive, customized educational events which can be personalized from the CoCre8 signature curriculum of hair coloring methods, hair cutting and hair finishing.

Welcome to a new experience of hair education, welcome to CoCre8!!!

CoCre8 Stylist Iron Set

An Industry Price of $300.00 with Suggested Retail of up to $600.00

  • 6 Interchangeable Iron Heads
  • 1 Internationally Compatible Handle
  • 1 Heat Safe Glove
  • 1 Compact Carrying Case